Sunday, 16 October 2011


i love food , the topic of this years blog action day. in fact - right now im munching on a bar of chocolate :D . i love cooking, and sharing food with friends, but a lot of people arent as lucky as that.
Last week we had to do a project on the Milllemium Development Goals, and I learned that there are 900 people in the world living on a dollar a day - around the price of a bar of chocolate, (putting away my bar of chocolate guiltily and wiping my face! :L jk)
But seriously - there are people who have to spend 80% of their income on food, yet in the 3rd World people spend that dollar on a snack, without a second thought.
Hmmmm - this topic has already got me thinking about how unfair that is. There are so many different attitudes towards food - for some, its something to share, for others - it's something they have to spend all day worrying about how they will be able to put the next meal on the table, and for others, its something they feel guilty about after eating.
Its so weird to think how unequal the world is - on one hand there are people obsessed with food and eating disorders and diets and on the other hand there are people starving, who would do anything for a good meal.
Anyway - thanks for reading this, i learned a lot
til next time xx

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